UKOptions review

The broker UKOptions is one of the most recent additions to the binary options market. As their name implies they are located in London, as a subsidiary of Smartech Ltd. UKOptions aims to stand out from the majority of other brokers. One of the ways with which they try to do this is by handing out very high welcomes bonuses of 200%. Right now this is the highest of such bonuses. But there is more which makes this broker stand out from the rest. Read this UKOptions review to know what that is.

Skrill - UKOptions Review

Trading Platform

Where UKOptions does not differentiate itself from other brokers, is the trading platform they have adopted. Because the platform they use is the one developed by SpotOption, which is one of the most widely used white label platforms in circulation. This is of course due the fact that this platform is highly effective, reliable and enriched with numerous features. Some of these features are Buy Me Out and Rollover, giving traders the possibility to gain higher profits by taking bigger risks. The interface is generic, but this makes it easier for traders who have already gained experience from trading with other brokers. There are a number of different option types which can be traded, such as 60 Second Options, Ladder Options or One Touch.

One of the biggest upsides of the trading platform adopted by UK Options is that support it has for all types of mobile devices. Furthermore the platform is translated in a number of languages, such as French, Portuguese and German, making it accessible for traders all over the globe.

Start Trading with UKOptions

To start trading with UKOptions a few simple and self-explanatory steps are required. An account must be registered with UKOptions. And in order to be able to trade and validate the account, an initial deposit needs to be made. Different brokers require varying minimums for this deposit. UK Options requires a minimum deposit of 250 EUR / USD for the opening of an account. Once the deposit is made, trading can start straightaway. UKOptions support many different payment methods, including Skrill MoneyBookers, Neteller and Western Union. One very good plus for UKOptions is the fact that withdrawals are processed fast and smoothly.

Unique is UKOptions proper support from Arabic traders. Not only is the platform available in the Arabic language, they even have specific Islamic accounts, which operate under the Shariah principle of No Riba.

Payout Percentages

Because UKOptions has a lot of different types of options which can be traded, the payout percentages vary greatly. The classical payout percentage is around 80%, but this can be increased up to around 200% with certain options such as One Touch. Achieving higher payout rates is done against higher risks, but the reward could in some cases be well worth it. The many choices traders have on the platform of UKOptions results in a dynamic experience.

Always good to hear, is that UKOptions gives a small refund of 10% whenever a trade has been lost. Not many brokers follow this refund principle, so this is definitely a factor that weighs in the favor of UKOptions.

Assets in their Portfolio

At present, UKOptions does not have a vast library of assets to offer to their traders. Merely a little over 50 assets are available to trade with on the platform. However, this might be forgiven for the time being, as UK Options is a new broker and while most likely expand their portfolio of assets in the near future.

Of course, with over 50 assets at their disposal traders still have numerous possibilities to invest in. Add to that the different types of trading options, such as One Touch, and there are more than enough ways to trade to keep traders satisfied for the time being.

Customer Service

The support UK Options gives to their customers is good, but sadly they are not available 24 / 7. Contact can be made by Phone, Email or Live Chat. All the languages their platform is translated in are also spoken by the customer service.

The Good

UKOptions gives out the highest welcomes bonus of all brokers. With 200% every trader will start with a nice amount of money to trade with. The platform which is used for these trades is the tried and true platform developed by SpotOption, well-known within the binary options market for the reliability it offers. Because of this, trading with UK Options is a very smooth and pleasurable experience. The character of UKOptions is furthermore very internationally orientated, making the broker accessible for traders all over the world.


While UK Options is a very good broker, apart from the high welcomes bonus they do not offer anything special. Which is disappointing because they purport to stand out from the rest of the many brokers. Among other new brokers they do stand out because of their quality service and platform, but when compared to some of the leading broker, UKOptions is not unique enough to really compete.

UKOptions Review Final Verdict

UKOptions is one of the many new brokers who have found their way to the binary market. Many of these new brokers deliver below average services with a singular trading experience as a result. UK Options definitely stand out, even if only among the other new brokers. They are not a leading broker, but they are not a bad choice for traders to join either. If UK Options would up the ante and make some changes, they would certainly be powerful enough to be a serious contender for the top 3 brokers. As UKOptions is now, they are just an average broker with a high welcomes bonus.

Skrill - UKOptions Review