uBinary Review

The fairly new broker uBinary will provide traders with a unique and comprehensive trading experience. Their very user friendly platform is not based on a generic design as applied by the majority of other brokers. This distinguishing factor of the broker uBinary has been positively received by the trading community, making it a fast growing broker.

uBinary review

The Trading Platform

As mentioned, the trading platform of uBinary is not like the standard platforms used by other brokers. uBinary offers a more polished platform with a clear and easy to use interface. All relevant information necessary to trade is provided and can be simply accessed. There are some educational tools available for new traders who want to refine their skills. The platform as a whole does not require much experience with online trading, as it’s all very straight forward and works in an intuitive manner.

Start trading with uBinary

Creating an account with u Binary is as simple as it can get. There are three different accounts which can be chosen: Standard, Gold and VIP. A standard account is mainly meant for beginners, and requires only a small minimum deposit of 250 EUR / USD. A Gold account is for traders who have some more experience, and requires a minimum deposit of 1000 EUR / USD. A VIP account is for professional traders only, and requires a minimum deposit of 5000 EUR / USD. One of the biggest difference between the accounts is the payout percentage they receive.

There are not many different trading methods offered by uBinary. Apart from the High / Low options there are very short options: 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. For traders who do not enjoy many extra and features, this is more than enough. For traders who want a more adventurous experience, uBinary is not really interesting in its offerings.

Making deposits and withdrawals is with uBinary, regrettably, limited to only a very few payment methods. There is no Skrill Moneybooks, no PayPal and no Neteller. Only Credit Cards and Wire Transfers are accepted methods of payment. This is quite a hampering factor, as some clients only use their Skrill or Neteller account for the trade of binary options, meaning uBinary might be missing out on a large number of customers.

Payout Percentages

The redeeming factor of u Binary limited payment methods, is the fact that their payout percentage is one of the highest around. Starting and 85% and ending at a maximum of 95%, uBinary definitely gives out the best return on investment a trader could wish for. However, the higher payout percentages are only available for VIP or Gold accounts. Though for professional traders this should not be much of a drawback. But the fact that u Binary hands out big welcome bonuses of 30% to newly opened account, might convince even traders who are just beginning to create a Gold or VIP account right off the bat.

So, looking for the broker with the highest payout percentages? Then uBinary is definitely a good choice!

List of Assets

When we take a look at the underlying assets available on the trading platform of uBinary, we will see that they offer all the popular choices, totaling around 62 assets. These are, per usual, divided in four categories: stocks, indices, currencies and commodities. But the broker does not offer anything new or special. They have all what is necessary, but have nothing that make them a better choice over other brokers.

Customer Service

UBinary has a reliable helpdesk for all the questions and problems their customers might have. Their service is professional and dedicated. Availability is through Live Chat, Phone and Email for 6 days a week, 24 hours a day. Many customers have praised the proper support they have received from uBinary.

The good

It must be clear by now that the greatest strength of uBinary is their huge payout percentage. There are few other brokers who offer a similar percentage to their traders. This of course makes uBinary already a favorable broker in the binary options market of today. This is complemented by their unique trading platform, which is not just another clone from other platforms. While this might sound as a bad thing for experienced traders, as they might be used to the standard trading platform, the trading platform of uBinary is actually very easy to use, if not easier. The fact that there are many educational tools, even personalized coaching, makes uBinary a perfect choice for amateur traders.

The bad

While uBinary has a number of factors that make it a good broker, they also have quite some flaws which hold it back from being one of the very best brokers available. These flaws include the limited amount of payment methods that are open to traders; only Credit Cards and Wire Transfers are accepted methods for withdrawal. Another flaw is the absence of different trading methods, such as One Touch / No Touch. This might make for a rather boring and repetitive trading experience.

Final Verdict

Among all the brokers available these days, u Binary definitely stands out. They are one of the brokers who offer a very high payout percentage and make use of a unique trading platform. This platform of uBinary is very user friendly and intuitively designed, even for new traders. However, uBinary can’t seriously compete with top brokers, since they lack a varied choice of payment methods and trading options. If these things were improved, uBinary could undoubtedly become one of the most well-known broker who is held in high regard by traders all over the world.

uBinary review