Topoption Review

The broker Topoption is a relative new player on the binary options market, but thanks to numerous positive feedback and reviews, Topoption has grown fast and steadily. In the modern market of binary options there are many, many brokers to choose from. It’s important that a trader feels comfortable with a broker and can trade on a secure and reliable system. That’s why it’s important to note that Topoption is regulated by the Cyprus Security Exchange Commission (CySEC), and every individual account is automatically insured for up to $20.000. This fact is a guarantee for customer satisfaction and ensures the absolute safety of every trade made through this broker.


Trading Platform of this broker

When an account is opened with Topoption, it becomes clear immediately that the trading platform is easy to navigate. The design also showcases additional information about Top option and binary options in general. Because of this traders will have a deeper understanding of what Top option does exactly. This makes for a reliable and useful trading platform that can be exploited for great successes.

For traders who are new to binary options there are provided instructional videos and articles. Topoption has really invested in this, making them an outstanding broker for beginners. The platform is also available in a number of different languages. This makes it possible for almost everybody in the world to use the trading platform op Topoption with a proper understanding.

How to start trading with Topoption

Just as with every broker, in order to make use of their services an account needs to be opened. This includes making a small deposit to the account. The deposit that needs to be made to start trading with Topoption is only 100$, or 100€ for Europe. This deposit is of course available to trade binary options with. A minimum of $10 is required to invest in any option, which is lower than the minimum amount most other brokers allow. This can make trading more tactical, as traders are able to spread their investment out thinner and over more different options.

Their Payout Percentage

One of the most important factors that influence a trader’s choice of broker, is naturally the payout percentage that is offered. In the case of Topoption, the payout percentage is around 85%. But this can be even higher when a VIP account is registered. For full-time traders registering for one of these VIP accounts can definitely be a smart and profitable investment. With this increased payout percentages the investment will be returned over time, from which point on only profits will be made.

But even without a VIP account the payout percentage of Topoption is very good. If their trading platform is used consistently it is still possible to earn a lot of profits, which are always secured thanks to the regulation of the CySEC.

Many assets to choose from

Another distinguishing factor of the broker Topoption, is the fact that they offer a lot of assets that can be traded. Where other brokers offer around 65 assets, Top option has a list of 180 assets to choose from. This might make it harder to find a binary option to trade, but it does increase the possibility of finding a very profitable option. The assets include all the popular choices like currencies (Forex), stocks, commodities and indices. As an extra, Topoption also has a number of additional assets not available with other brokers. This certainly makes this a broker well worth the time.

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How about the customer service?

Of course Top option has a professional customer service in order to answer questions their clients may have and to solve circumstantial technical problems. They are available 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. However, many of their clients have noted that the customer service is not as good as it should be. This might be due the fact that Topoption has grown in size, and their service hasn’t caught up with the increase in workload yet. Top option is definitely trying their best to make the experiences of the traders on their platform as comfortable and smooth as possible, so it is to be expected that their customer service will get better over time.

Topoption Review – Why Topoption is good

Topoption is undoubtedly a very reliable broker, noted by their trading platform being regulated by the CySEC. Making trades on this platform is simple and fast, with a large choice of assets at everyone’s disposal. For new traders there are provided numerous instructional videos and texts to ensure a proper and transparent experience. The possibility to create a VIP account increases the profitability of Top option’s platform, but even without it the payout percentage is very attractive.

Topoption Review – Why Topoption is bad

Because Topoption is a fairly new broker who has grown fast, their customer support is at this time a little lacking. This is not a huge problem, as they are still able to offer support. It could however be better and faster. Undoubtedly this will change over time, at which point there will be no clear and present cons for this broker.

Topoption Review Final Verdict

All in all, Topoption is definitely a good choice for whoever is looking around for a reliable broker with an easy to use trading platform and high payout percentages. Opening an account requires only a low deposit and subsequent trades can also be made with low minimum investments.

At present Topoption is one of the best brokers available on the market. This is made evident by their fast growth. All serious traders are interested in trading with Topoption simply because they are safe and reliable, with a topnotch trading platform.