TitanTrade Review

In an ever expanding and always active binary options market, a broker that has existed since 2010 has the great benefit of being experienced, and that is the case with TitanTrade. Traders who have opened an account with this broker enjoy a wealth of experience, vast knowledge and above all – reliability. In this review we will look at some of positives and negatives of TitanTrade and attempt to determine if they have what it takes to be your next binary options broker.

Getting started with TitanTrade

Perhaps the biggest asset in TitanTrade’s arsenal is the way they allow for various levels of experience to exist and succeed.

If you have traded binary options previously, you can familiarize yourself with the way the platform looks and feels within moment and dive straight into trading.

But if the binary option field is new to you TitanTrade truly excels, not just because of the way their platform can be customized to suit your needs, but also because of the education options TitanTrade offers, which we will cover during this review.

A Trading Platform that works for you

TitanTrade’s trading platform may look familiar but was designed to be all inclusive and highly customizable. The platform has advanced features, giving traders an experience they can enjoy while learning and profiting. Some of these features include an assortment of expiry times, from 60 second trades to week and month long expiries, unique trade modes like the trading ladder or the easy to grasp Tradefollow round out a well-polished system. When you add the fact that the system is available in a variety of languages you get a system that can truly be used by anyone.

And if you’re one of those traders that like to stay up to the moment, and possibly pull off a few trades on the go, their mobile version will help you avoid missing any critical market moves.

Get an Education

Not everyone is a financial genius or market wizard, and to that end, TitanTrade has made available a very comprehensive education center for all users to enjoy.

Whereas some brokers tend to focus on giving out basic information, TitanTrade has gone the extra mile and allows traders to enjoy a financial education that is truly A to Z.

The site offers a comprehensive asset list with each asset entry including basic information, trading times and so on.

Video tutorials cover anything from the trading platform itself to the various options it holds.

Where TitanTrade shines is with their webinars which take place on a monthly basis and cover a variety of subjects, from financial market basics, through economic events and their importance all the way to investing and money making strategies, with all webinars being conducted by expert brokers.

Traders that feel they need added education or have a variety of questions that needs answering can always opt for a one on one session with a broker where they can ask any question about the market, strategies and get tips on turning a profit.

Index of Assets

Like any online broker variety of assets is a key component to success, and TitanTrade is no different. TitanTrade’s platform lists nearly 200 assets that are available to trade at varying times. When one combines such a wealth of assets along with various trading methods available on TitanTrade the outcome is a nearly unending number of options. Assets come in different groups like Commodities, Currencies, Indices and stocks, making the task of locating a specific asset quite simple.

Financials – Deposits & Payouts

TitanTrade’s standard payout percentage hovers around the 85% mark on normal trades, but if one looks to more exotic forms of trading like ladder trades or One Touch, payouts and returns can reach hundreds of % when compared to the original investment.  Once a trader decides to withdraw their funds the process is relatively painless and does not get delayed often, traders also enjoy a variety of payment methods from standard credit cards and online retailers to more region specific payment options.

Customer Service & Support

It would seem logical that brokers invest in customer service, as that is their lifeblood, but not every broker takes this to heart, TitanTrade and their agents have taken great strides to attempt and insure the best possible experience for all traders, from knowledgeable brokers to help you with finances to support personal that speak nearly a dozen languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Arab, German, Japanese and others) offer solutions for a host of issues and can be reached via Phone, Chat or Email.

The final verdict on TitanTrade

Simply lasting 5 years in the binary option business is not indication of a quality broker. There are other factors and indicators for you, as a trader to consider, before you invest. TitanTrade seems like a solid option. They have a platform that is reliable and offers great trading options, a greatly improved education center for traders of all levels to brush up on their knowledge, a staff that is highly knowledgeable and reliable and they offer multiple options for deposits, withdrawals and anything in-between.

If you are a trader that’s looking for a solid and reliable trading platform backed by a strong human element, TitanTrade is well worth taking a look at and considering as your next broker.