StockPair review

The broker StockPair is of the newest generation. Not only are binary options offered by this broker, but also Pair Options can traded on the intuitive platform used by Stock Pair. As can be expected, Stock Pair enjoys high popularity, even in the crowded market that binary options has become.

Trading Platform

On the binary options market are plenty brokers available these days. Newcomers seem to appear almost every day. Most of these brokers do not add anything new to the market, using trading platforms which are very similar to each other. StockPair does this a little differently. They add value by using a trading platform which they have developed on their own. Using an in house trading platform brings many benefits, such as the ability to adapt to the ever changing market and to develop and implement new and innovative features or add-ons. Other than that, the in house trading platform developed by Stock Pair is stable and intuitive, making it easy for traders to navigate through the application while retaining a feeling of absolute safety.

Start Trading with StockPair

It’s quite easy to open an account for Stock Pair and to start trading on their platform. It takes no more than a couple of minutes. Personal details should be provided and a small deposit must be made. The initial deposit must be at least 200 EUR / USD. When an account is opened trading can start. If training is required, Stock Pair offers multiple instructional and educational tools in order to make new traders aware of all the ins and outs of the binary options market.

Stock Pair promotes a number of payment methods with which deposits and withdrawals can be made. These include: Credit Cards, Skrill Moneybookers, Wire Transfer and PayPal. This makes it easy for everyone to open an account and start trading with Stock Pair.

Payout Percentage

Nothing is of greater importance when reviewing brokers than the payout percentages. It’s good to know that Stock Pair gives very profitable payouts for successful trades, coming in at an average of 85%. But when a trade a lost they do not return a small amount of the investment. They do, however, allow for traders to whip up the payout percentage even higher. With floating options, for example, it is possible to achieve a payout percentage of 350%. This is a high risk trade, but the payout is definitely worth it. Not many other brokers have a similar feature with corresponding high payout, making Stock Pair an ideal choice for traders who enjoy taking risks for high rewards.

Available Assets

StockPair has assets in four categories available: stocks, currencies, indices and commodities. These range to about 150 in total for traders to choose from. Good news, because this number is higher than the average amount of assets available amongst all brokers operating in the binary options market today. Meaning that StockPair can prove a valuable platform for traders who want a lot of assets to choose from. There is literally no type of asset which is not available through StockPair. Rare currency pairs and nearly unknown stocks are all listed.

Customer Service

Keeping traders satisfied is one of the main tasks a broker must tend to. Stock Pair delivers quality and dedicated service to their customers. Reaching them is easy and can be done by Phone, Live Chat or Email. Their helpdesk is qualified to speak a number of different languages, among which are Dutch, Spanish and Arabic.

What’s Good

Most noticeable is the high payout percentage of 350% on specific types of options. This can righteously be called an unheard of amount in the entire binary options market. A ton of profits can be earned if these types of trades can be mastered. StockPair also provides a sleek trading platform which has been developed in house, giving greater security and a better understanding by the technical team, resulting in faster and more fluent implementations.

What’s Bad

StockPair is without a doubt a highly qualified broker who knows what it is doing. However, there are still some less than admirable components in their provided service. One that is most remarkable, is that StockPair closes whenever the Stock Market closes. Usually binary options brokers are available 24 / 7, so this is quite a hampering factor. Traders who live in different parts of the world, might find it difficult to find a correct timeframe in which they can be active on the StockPair platform. Another thing dragging StockPair from the highest regiment of binary options brokers, is the absence of a demo account for new traders. With their in house developed platform is might become too big of a struggle for inexperienced traders to understand how it all works.

StockPair Review Final Verdict

All things considered, Stock Pair can compete with some of the best brokers out there in terms of service and their risk / reward balance. However, they could be better if they refine their service just a little bit. They might’ve been one of the most recognizable and most popular brokers, is it were not for some of the minor issues which can hardly be changed.

But, they do offer a unique way of making a ton of profits, with many different assets to choose from. Stock Pair has all the qualities a proper and reliable broker must possess. Simply put, Stock Pair is a good broker who can be of great value to any serious or recreational trader.