Skrill Review – You Need to Know

Skrill is the next generation money transfer service created by Moneybookers. However, its focus is on mobile payments for smartphones/tablets, it is a full-fledged digital wallet and can be used to send and receive money with no more information needed than the recipient’s email ID. Skrill is used in many countries as a payment processor for online casinos and gambling.

Skrill review

Skrill Review | First impressions

With the recent re-design of their website, it is even friendlier and more welcoming to new and old users. Skrill have been in the money transferring business since 2001 and have accumulated a loyal member base of over 35 million people in over 200 countries with 40 currencies. Their creed seems to be to simplify and speed up the process for transferring your money online with the least amount of hassle and information needed.

Skrill Review | Functionality

When it comes to the initial setup of the online account, the process is streamlined and pretty straightforward for the user. The users have to choose his/her country of residence along with desired transfer currency (Skrill has 40 currencies available) and personal details as well as banking information.

As for the available options for the actual transfer to/from your online account, Skrill cover the standard array of credit cards (VISA, Mastercard)..

Skrill Review | Pricing

Skrill offers a free bank transfer from all countries listed. Skrill have support on many gambling websites and the majority of them do not enforce any fee for deposing money. There’s a standard policy of 2 hours for the transfer of money from the third party to the e-wallet account, which can be extended further on behest of the company. Skrill has a fixed fee on all bank transfer fees for withdrawals of 1.80 EUR; Cheque fee is 3.50 EUR and the VISA fee is 1.80 EUR in all countries when applicable.

Skrill Review | Accepting countries

Skrill as well doesn’t include the USA for eligible countries for money transfer for the functionality of casino and gambling sites, though their list of over 200 other states is enough to warrant an extension when compared to the list offered by any other payment methods on the internet.

Skrill Review | Card offers

Skrill has the “best European Prepaid Card award” which should testify for its credibility and reliability. Skrill’s Card allows for FREE shopping and worldwide withdrawal with no monthly fees. Not only that, you will be able to see the full transaction history with 4 available currencies (EUR, GBP, PLN, USD). Skrill also comes with an option for a Personal or Business accounts each having different options and benefits.

Skrill Review | Safety and security

Skrill’s Bank-level security abides by the Payments Card Industry Data Security Standards which is a fancy name for a digital fortress where encryption protocols of communication, data security and online support play a key role for delivering the best possible user satisfaction on the market. However, Skrill’s been having some issues regarding duplicate sites and agents claiming to represent Skrill, in order to steal user-information and potentially harm their brand’s reputation, this company has been enforcing a strict policy for informing and maintaining constant sweeps of these sorts of illegal actions. It just proves the dedication and hard work of their online support team which is available for contact 24/7 for either technical difficulties or reporting an issue.

Overall, the options offered by Skrill seem to weight more favorably with consumers (lower fees, better coverage) while the security levels for both are top notch. This is the best payment method in online.