OptionTime Review

One of the most recent brokers active on the binary options market is OptionTime, launched in 2014. They are based in Cyprus, and regulated by the CySEC. This results in reliable safety and protection for the traders who have opened an account with the broker. In this OptionTime review the benefits and shortcomings of this new broker are discussed. What makes them a good choice over other brokers who have existed longer?


Unique trading platform

The majority of trading platforms in use today are copies of one another, redesigned from a common white label platform. But OptionTime’s trading platform is different. Their platform has been built specifically for them, by Safecap Investment. The platform is called KeyStone and is unique in the market. It offers many features which have never before been seen, giving traders a more comprehensive experience that cannot be gotten anywhere else. Among the features are more than 30 technical indicators and options like Buy Me Out. The platform is also available in multiple languages, such as Spanish and German.

OptionTime’s trading platform allows its users to choose between different trading methods, such as Speed Trading, One Touch and Touch in Time. This makes the trading experience on this trading platform not only unique, but also diverse because of its many possibilities. The only drawback of the platform is the limited expiration time of the binary options, which is capped at a maximum of one hour.

Nowadays it is important for brokers to have a mobile friendly trading platform, as for most traders it is more convenient to trade on their phones or tablets. The unique trading platform of OptionTime is of course very mobile friendly, and can be accessed from every device.

Start trading with OptionTime

Whoever wants to try the unique KeyStone trading platform of OptionTime, needs to open an account with the broker. Three different trading accounts can be opened, depending on the minimum deposit that is made. A premium account is opened for a deposit of 100 EUR / USD, a Royal account for 1000 EUR / USD and an Exclusive account for 5000 EUR / USD or more. The Royal and Exclusive accounts give small bonuses, such as an increase in the payout percentage.

For serious traders the smartest choice would be to invest in one of the better accounts. The Premium account is most suitable for beginners. OptionTime also has numerous educational videos in their library, allowing beginners to learn all they need to know to become professional traders.

Payout Percentage

OptionTime’s payout percentage is quite stable at around 85%, Tbut with other trading methods, such as One Touch, higher payouts can be achieved.  This is slightly above average compared to the payout percentage of other brokers. In generally OptionTime offers good payouts to its traders. Withdrawals take little time to process and can be done with the usual payment methods such as credit card and Neteller.

Index of Assets

Assets are vital to every broker. OptionTime currently has around 50 assets available on the KeyStone trading platform. This is slightly less than what is offered by a host of other brokers, but thanks to the many features and additional trading methods available on OptionTime, there are still many different possibilities. The assets are divided in the usual categories: indices, stocks, forex and commodities. For most traders the amount of assets available on OptionTime should be more than enough. All popular materials and currencies can easily be traded on a user friendly platform.

Customer Service

OptionTime has until now offered a very solid customer support service. Their helpdesk speaks nearly every common language, such as Chinese, Swedish and Dutch, making them accessible from anywhere in the world. The customer support can be reached by Email, Live Chat and Phone. So far there have been no known complaints about the professional customer support offered by OptionTime. This further enhances the reliability and safety traders can enjoy from OptionTime.


The most distinguishing characteristic of the broker OptionTime is definitely their unique KeyStone trading platform. It is embedded with many different and exclusive features that make for a trading experience which no other broker can as of yet offer. OptionTime is also fully licensed and regulated so that their traders can feel safe and secure when investing in binary options. What it all comes down to, is that OptionTime is a unique broker with solid credentials. Their users are guaranteed a smooth and user-friendly experience, filled with possibilities and features.


The biggest drawback of the broker OptionTime is the limited expiration time they have on their binary options. These cannot have a longer expiration time than 1 hour. Even though binary options are short term investments to make fast money, being limited to 1 hour binary options can become quite a nuisance for some traders. Other than that their instructional videos and FAQ has nothing to offer to professional and established traders. But, in fairness, training material can just as well be received from somewhere else, though it would be better if it was readily available through OptionTime.

OptionTime Review Final Verdict

Overall OptionTime is very much a proper broker for all kinds of traders. Even though OptionTime is a new broker, they are already fully established. The fact that they offer a unique trading platform specifically built for them makes them stand out from most other binary option brokers. They bring many benefits and advantages to the table which can’t be gotten anywhere else.

For those traders who are looking for a trading platform which differs from the white label concept used by most brokers, feature-rich OptionTime is a more than decent solution.