Forex Demo Account FAQ

How can I start in Forex?

In a very simple way, you must go to our list of brokers and select up to 3 of them and create a demo account; then you must send us the registration data by completing the form and that’s it, within 24-48 hours (It could be a little longer if it’s a weekend) we will set up your account and send you a confirmation email.

How much is the performance I can expect?

It is usually between 3-5% monthly, but the yield is relative because it will depend on the broker, the volume of your account, the strategy, the level of leverage, etc.

Which is the best broker?

All the brokers with whom we operate with are regulated (CysecFCA) and well-recognized worldwide, and each has its own outstanding features, but the choice of broker is something personal. However, we offer to create accounts and operate in demo accounts up to 3 brokers, and in that way you can compare the yields according to your profile.

Forex Real Account FAQ

How much money do I need to start?

The minimum money to start will depend on the broker, actually the brokers that we select allow the creation of micro accounts starting from 250 units of currencies. Regardless of the amount of the deposit you want to make, you should always consider that you only have to deposit the value you can lose, as there is always the risk of capital loss when trading in Forex.

Do I have any guarantees of making money with you?

Definitely the answer is no, and no trading service which is serious and responsible can give you guarantees that you will not lose your money either partially or totally.
Trading in the financial market implies running risks, so before you invest your money you must know and have evidence of the trader’s ability, or the system that you use.

How much money do I need for utilities to pay the cost of the service?

With the expected performance of between 3-5% per month, you should have a capital between 1000 and 1500 currency units, that would correspond to the Micro account category.

Do you have a recommendation program?

Yes, if you recommend a person and they start a real account, you will receive 2 months of free service, which is equivalent to $100.

I have no forex experience, is this for me?

Yes, absolutely, if you don’t know anything about the market, strategies, risk, leverage, you don’t have to worry, we will set up your account so that you get the best possible return on your money, keep in mind that if you make money, we make money.

Can i choose the risk settings for my account?

Of course, you decide what level of risk you will use, let us know if you require assistance and we will discuss together the best configuration for your interests and account size.

I have a forex strategy, can I try it?

Yes, it is possible, contact us and let us know, we constantly create and test trading strategies.

Who is trading in my account?

The operation of each account, whether real or demo, is done through the replication of the operations, that means that everything that is traded on a platform, currently the MT4 is replicated in other MT4s that contain the accounts of users, so that each operation is replicated adapting to the characteristics of each account, such as risk level, lot size, etc.

What size account do I need to have for my earnings to cover the expenses so that the service is 100% free for me?

There is no direct answer to that question, because everything will depend on the level of expected return, the level of risk being managed, the leverage, etc.
But in general, if we consider a performance level of 3-5 % per month, micro accounts from 3,000 dollars cover the costs of the service and generate a return. Numerically serious, 3,000 * 0.04 = 120 monthly profit – 50 service cost = $70 net profit which is about 2.1% of monthly return, and 25% annual.