EZTrader Review

There have been many EZTrader reviews over the years. The majority of online traders have used this broker, making it one of the most popular and reputable on the market today. EZTrader has been around since 2008 and is known for its constant strife for improvement. What makes EZTrader different from other brokers is the fact that they have developed a unique trading platform which is only accessible when you sign up on their website.

EZTrader is the most widely known broker. They are highly recommended for professionals and beginners alike, because their trading platform is both effective and easy to use.

A unique and personal trading platform

As mentioned before, EZTrader makes use of a unique trading platform. They are one of the few brokers who have developed such a platform. A reliable EZTrader review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the advantages this trading platform gives to its users. It becomes easier to find good trade opportunities, which allows decision-making to be done at a faster rate. The saying “time = money” is very true in the binary options market, and with the trading platform developed by EZTrader it is possible to save a lot of time and thus make more money in a shorter amount of time.

Other than being easy to use and increasing the productivity of trading, the trading platform is continually updated and improved by EZTrader. There are numerous ways to manage the platform, even personalization is a possibility.

EZTrader´s trading platform is definitely a big plus for this broker, making it a highly recommendable broker-of-choice.

EZTrader Review – How start with trading

To start trading with EZTrader and their convenient platform an account must be opened. This means filling out your personal details and making a small initial deposit, which is of course necessary to trade with. A credit card or MoneyBookers account is required to make the deposit – and in the future, withdrawals. When the account is open these simple steps should be followed to make a trade:

  • Choose a binary option to trade with on the platform.
  • Decide whether the option will end higher or lower (Call or Put respectively).
  • Enter the amount of money that will be traded with.
  • Finally, click the button to confirm and execute the trade.

As can be seen, trading with EZTrader is extremely easy and simple. With experience these steps are followed through in mere seconds.

How much is the payout rate?

Since EZTrader has been under new management, their payout rates have increased. In the past it was low, only 60%. Nowadays the payout rate is, on average, as high as 80%. This means that every successful trade ensures that the investment is almost doubled. Because of this high payout EZTrader is among the most popular brokers.

What assets can be traded?

When trading with EZTrader on their own platform, there are a great number assets that can be traded with. All the well-known markets are included. There can be chosen to trade stocks, indices, forex or commodities. There are no restrictions; all assets can be traded simultaneously. The trading platform of EZTrader lists all assets with clarity, making it easy to choose a profitable option to trade with.

How is the customer service?

While there have been problems with the customer service of EZTrader in the past, these days they have improved. It is possible to reach the broker by phone, email and live chat. Any problems will be professionally addressed and resolved with personal attention. For traders with little experience the support section of EZTrader has created an easy to follow step-by-step guide. And for common problems and questions there is compiled a clear and concise FAQ.

The good

In this EZTrader review it has been said that this broker is one of the most well-known on the market today. This results in a dynamic and lively platform where binary options can be traded of a lot of different assets. Thanks to the large clientele EZTrader is also able to create continuous improvements to make the trading-experience even better. The unique trading platform EZTrader has developed makes trading that much easier and faster. Combined with the high payout rates and other limited time bonuses (like a Christmas promotion) there is no other broker that can be compared to EZTrader.

The bad

One problem that, when addressed, might help EZTrader to get even more traders on their platform, is the absence of a testing ground for new traders. When someone is interested in the trading platform of EZTrader, they have no way to try a trial version. To see the platform in action they must open an account and make a deposit. Even though the platform is highly accessible and simple to use, a lot of people will still want to see how it actually works before spending money. This might be a threshold that turns would-be traders off before they have even started.

EZTrader Review Final verdict

All in all, as this EZTrader review shows, this is a very good broker, if not one of the best around. They have been around for many years and as such have acquired tons of experience about how to deliver the best possible trading platform for their customers. It’s a highly effective broker for both professionals and beginners, with worthy payout rates and a large amount of assets to trade with. Thanks to their specially developed trading platform it is easier to trade binary options than ever before, with greater successes as a result.

After reading this EZTrader review, it should be clear that opening an account with this broker is highly recommended as it will make everyone’s trading experience that much smoother and profitable.

EZTrader Review