EmpireOption Review

The broker EmpireOption is a true pioneer. They have been around since 2011 and are one of the few brokers available for traders based overseas in the United States and Latin America. Their headquarters can therefore also be found in Uruguay. And because they are fully regulated they can operate over the whole world. This makes EmpireOption a serious competitor in world of binary options trading.


The Trading Platform

The trading platform created by EmpireOption is one of the few available in the languages Spanish and Portuguese. This is due to their clientele consisting mostly of traders based in Latin America. Understandably they are one of the most highly regarded traders among Latin Americans. The platform is also available in German and French, making for a true international broker.

Of course the trading platform itself of EmpireOption is easy to use, no matter what language it is in. The platform is feels more user friendly than any others around. The interface is clear without overwhelming the users with information. For users it is easy to choose a type of option, such as short term/long term or One Touch.

Start trading with EmpireOption

In order to gain access to the trading platform of EmpireOption an account must be opened. This includes of course the making of a minimum deposit, which is 100 USD/EUR. Deposits can be made through different channels, such as Credit Cards, Skill, NETELLER and Wire Transfers. Whenever a new account makes its first deposit, EmpireOption gives out a bonus.

Once the account is open trades can be made on the EmpireOption platform. This is easy to do, by just choosing an option and a trading method. Then only the amount that the trader wants to invest needs to be entered, which can be as low as 10 USD/EUR. The different types of trading methods can differ in their duration, from 15 minutes to one day.

Payout rates

The payout rate of each option on the EmpireOption platform is around 80%. This is not the highest rate available among all brokers, but it definitely is not too bad. With 80% it still means large amounts of profits can be earned in a short timeframe. Other brokers offer a payout rate that is only a few percentages higher, so EmpireOption can still be a very profitable broker. And because they offer many other bonuses and services the lower payout rate is being compensated in other ways. For instance, whenever a deposit of 4.000 USD/EUR or more is made, a free iPad is given out to the owner of the account.

Available Assets

The number of assets that are available to traders on the platform of EmpireOption is vast. They have one of the longest lists of assets of all brokers, coming in at around 250. The assets are of all different types: currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Because this can be an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, and in order to stay up to date about all of the profitable assets a lot of research is necessary, EmpireOption holds weekly webinars for their traders. These webinars are given in three different languages so everybody can watch and learn from them. Watching these webinars can greatly increase the success you’ll have as a trader, because you’ll receive tips and other information that can be of invaluable worth during the trade that will be made on the EmpireOption trading platform.

Customer Support

The customer service of EmpireOption is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be contacted through live chat and by Email. All questions are handled with personal care, as EmpireOption wants its traders to have a satisfactory experience. Of course, because their trading platform is multilingual, it is to be expected that their customer service is fluent in multiple languages as well. So whether you speak Spanish or German, you’ll receive professional support to the best of EmpireOption’s abilities.


Seeing as how EmpireOption is one of the few brokers available to the U.S. and Latin America, they are definitely a standout broker. They inhabit a unique niche and they naturally aim to hold this position, meaning that traders can expect high quality and reliability from EmpireOption. For Spanish or Portuguese traders this should definitely be the broker of choice. But thanks to the enormous amount of assets which can be invested in, Empire Option is just as good for everybody else in the world. The inclusion of weekly webinars ensures that traders are able to gain better knowledge of the market and make profitable trades on the platform.


Perhaps the only element that may be seen as a negative about EmpireOption is the payout rate. This is on the lower end of the spectrum, when compared to other brokers. However, this is not that big of a difference, a difference which is compensated by numerous other services and special bonuses offered by Empire Option.

EmpireOption Review Final Verdict

EmpireOption is a very reliable and proper broker for traders all over the world. Because they are one of the few brokers operating overseas in Latin America they almost hold a certain amount of monopoly within the Spanish speaking binary option market. Though they are also a true international broker as their simple but effective trading platform is available in a number of other languages as well.

Giving EmpireOption a chance will definitely be well worth it. They have a good system and have a great number of assets that can be invested in. Opening an account is cheap