Understanding the e-Payment System NETELLER

NETELLER as an e-Payment platform

Neteller security
The introduction of electronic money or digital currency during the past two decades or more has given way for commerce to entirely take over the online world. Both merchants and customers can now seamlessly transact business across the globe without the hassles of moving from one place to place for negotiations.

However, with so many e Payment options available online, the marketers are left to choose from a variety of businesses. As much as payment processing services differ from company to company, there is the need for you to know what you are paying for and for which purpose when choosing any payment platform.

There are several sites that can be trusted to safely handle your money and, at the same time there are far more others that cannot. I therefore, see it necessary that you know a little more about the popular online payment systems that can be trusted for your online dealings.

In this review, we will be looking at NETELLER as an e-Payment platform. NETELLER has come to be one the largest global payment systems to hit the internet market in recent times.

With services that cover more than 200 countries worldwide and transactions between individual persons and corporate organizations they have marked their brand among the most used payment platforms in the world today.

Before this, under the parent company name, Paysafe, NETELLER was operating in Europe with a platform that allows free person to person money transfers only within Europe.

Through, the Paysafe name, NETELLER built a vast network of personal customers and business owner merchants. The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recognizes NETELLER as a viable trustworthy option by authorizing NETELLER’s license to operate.

A Secure Payment Platform

NETELLER has a heavily encrypted security feature that ensures the eWallet system works to protect customer’s payment, from the beginning to the ending either for outgoing or incoming transactions.

  • BIN/IP Check – With the BIN/IP Check, clients will always register an Internet protocol number (IP Address) while logging in to their accounts. This is to stop unauthorized access to clients a accounts.
  • Two Forms of Identification – Customers are always required to present 2 valid forms of identification. Sometimes, they also need to present proof of residence as well.
  • 256 Bit Encryption – With the use 256 security filling, and the updating and refreshing of multiple firewalls to stop potential threats, no doubt adopts the highest standard of security encryption.


NETELLER is a payment account that allows you to virtually buy or sell any good or service online. It is also the best payment system to use for online gambling and casinos. With the NETELLER’s network and security, you can be able to make and receive payments with peace of mind.


  • Easily Accessible This is one of the biggest strength of NETELLER. It is usually challenging transferring payments successfully online with speed and ease. However, with NETELLER you will not experience such challenges. If you need to make a purchase right away for things such as betting deposits, poker, binary options, forex trading etc. then NETELLER can help you make an instant transfer.
  • High Security Standard NETELLER has a top notch security, and with multiple firewalls, fraud blacklist, and constant monitoring of accounts, the system can be said to rank the list among the payment processing companies.
  • Quick Account Setup Not only that setting up and account is quick and easy, but it is also free. This goes a long way to help those who are not all that tech-savvy.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Their all-round the clock customer support with live agents standing by walks hand in hand with the company’s mantra of straightforward and safe financial transactions.
  • Promotions and Rewards Loyal customers to Nteller are benefited with many reward and promotions. For instance you can earn points from every Internet payment or international money transfer in or out of your country and then redeem these points for gift cards, electronics or even cash accredited to your NETELLER account. They also have a VIP program for their most valued customers who get a little extra on top.


  • Fees Implementation Some fees are implemented when funding or making payment with your NETELLER eWallet account, and if you are unaware of such fees, you can be caught off guard. Since NTELLER choose to pull out of the USA market in early 2007, the foreign exchange fee for those living in US and making purchases abroad has become a huge disadvantage for the users.
  • Unexpected Security Breaches Due to the high standard of security maintained by NETELLER, there is always the possibility of a user being locked out of his NETELLER account until a valid proof of identification is provided. However, you can contact the customer support on phone with viable proof of identification.


Using NETELLER’s Customer Service

Whenever it comes to online financial transactions, payment processing and customer service are intertwined. You will always want your money to be handled by a company that has a top of the line customer service. Here are few of NETELLER’s customer services you can use:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are faced with a challenge which is usually common to most customers at times, chances are you will find the solution through the FAQ section on the NETELER Website since it’s a general problem.

Email Support

If you could not find what you are looking for in the FAQ section, then feel free to send an email to the support describing your problem and the support team will email you back within 24 hours.

Customer Call Support

Problems that need immediate attention can be directed to customer service via phone on their support line. You will find the phone number on the customer call line in the site.


Having gone through the above review, I want to believe that NETELLER surely answers your quest for a highly secure, yet easy to use eWallet payment system to use. With years of networks, reliable safety, and great customer reviews, NETELLER has climbed the charts as a leading contender for the payment processing industry. Ecommerce transactions should be straightforward, secure and easy for all to use. NETELLER have actually come to be an answer to all that.