Configuration and Trading Signals

Setup your Account and the Signals Trading


Hello everyone! My name is Javier and I will guide you step by step in the process of obtaining free market signals.  I am going to show you how to register in the site “Get Free Trading Signals”, set up signals, alerts, and trade binary options using these signals.

The first step is to register.

In a few seconds I complete the registration form, and look for the confirmation email in my email inbox.

When I confirm the email, I am taken to my account management in “Get Free trading signals” and I can already have access to the signals.

In my first contact with the signals, I can see they are not configure, then I must set the time zones properly.

I go back to the account settings and click where it says “signals”.

At this point what is important is to set up the time zones I am interested in, it should be noted that the first one will be the reference of the system.

Another configuration I must do is to establish market alerts, by selecting the assets I am interested in and the level of certainty; the alerts will be sent by email and updated in the app.

I go back to the signals, and now everything is working.

The system is updated hourly and market signals are delivered.

The delivered signals refer to an asset, to a timeframe, at the moment the signal has been generated and the closing time of the operation, that is the sum of the time of signal generation + the closing time.

I am also told what the trend of the market and the level of certainty of the signal is.

By selecting the clocks, I can see the closing time in each place or market.

Market graphs are a complement to the signals where I see market behavior in real time.

It has been almost 4 minutes since I created the account, and now I am going to operate in the broker following the signals given by the system.

The Euro dollar is the given asset, which is in downtrend with a level of certainty of 8, and that closes in a little more than 30 minutes.

I can use my 24option account, or any of the others I already have, or create a new one.

The closing time is 1 pm, and although I am almost 30 minutes delayed, I am going to use it because the current value is similar to the of 12 o’clock value when the signal was generated.

I will invest $500 downward or LOW.

The operation is already running, let’s look at the numbers, the investment is $500; if it is successful, the return is going to be $ 915, with what would mean $415 dollars or a 83% return; if the operation is not successful, I will have a return of $0, the current balance of my account is $2096.83.

Since it is still nearly 30 minutes to the closure, I will speed up the image.

Time’s up and the operation closed successfully.

It can be said that using the signal of the site I have just earned $415 dollars, and that is not bad at all.

So, let’s review.

First, I register in less than 2 minutes.

Second, I set up our account, by selecting the time zones and assets alerts, which I will receive by mail.

I take the signals and use them in my binary option account and earn $415.

I do all this free of charge and with no obligation of payment.

There is no reason for not registering.

There is no reason for not making money.

Start now…

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