Banc de Binary review

Experienced traders might already be familiar with the broker Banc de Binary, as they are one of the leading brokers operating on the market today. Established in 2009, Banc de Binary is available worldwide and is home to clients from over 100 different countries. For those who are familiar with their name but not much more, this Banc de Binary review aims to give a full disclosure. How do they really match up against other leading brokers?

Banc de Binary review

Trading Platform

As for the trading platform offered by Banc de Binary, it is very user friendly and is marked by a certain directness which makes it easy to navigate. The platform is quite forgiven for novice traders, which is a good thing. But what makes the trading platform from Banc de Binary most unique, is that traders are given a flexible choice among 4 different platforms. These are: Digital Option Pro, Option Builder, One Touch Platform and BinaryMeta. The standard platform is Digital Option Pro, which works and looks just as any other platform used by binary option brokers. Of course, it is possible to switch between the different platforms at any time. Downloading and installing of software is not required, as Banc de Bynari is completely web-based. This also means that it is accessible from every location, and because the platform is made mobile friendly, it can even be accessed from smartphones and tablets.

Because of these different trading platforms, Banc de Binary is an interesting broker to join for experienced traders. They offer many possibilities, more than other brokers do. But in order to take full advantage of all the features offered by Banc de Binary, it is necessary to possess a good understanding of trading binary options.

And, seeing as how Banc de Binary has clients from all over the world, it should not come as surprise that their platform is available in a number of different languages, such as Spanish, German, Arabic and Japanese.

Start Trading with Banc de Binary

Opening a trading account for Banc de Binary is necessary in order to use the platform. To increase their flexibility even further, Banc de Binary gives users the option to choose from 3 different trading accounts. These are the Silver Account, Gold Account and Banc de Binary Premium Account. The silver account is the standard variety, and can be opened with a minimum deposit of 250 EUR / USD. The other accounts are different in that they give access to some bonuses. To open a Gold or Premium account a large deposit of 5000 EUR / USD or more is required.

To make a deposit to Banc de Binary, there are a number of payment methods that can be used: Skrill Moneybookers, Credit Card, Wire Transfer and Western Union.

Payout Rates

Of all the factors on which a broker can be judged, the payout rate that they offer is of the most significant importance. Traders will be glad to hear that Banc de Binary has a payout rate of 81%. This might not be the best there is, but when all is taken into consideration, 81% is definitely a good rate and will result in big profits.

Traders who do not think 81% is enough, can try their hand on One Touch Options. This is a form of trading with higher risks for higher rewards. One Touch Options can yield returns as high as 500%, meaning that low capital can quickly turn into high capital. Sadly though, banc de Binary does not offer a small refund whenever a trade is lost. However, not many brokers do this to start with, so this does not really put Banc de Binary at a disadvantage.

Portfolio of Assets

Being able to choose between a lot of good assets is important for every trader. It allows for more strategic trades. Bank de Binary has already proven to be a flexible broker with many stylistic customizations that can be made by traders to make for a truly individual approach. When it comes down to assets, Banc de Binary has around 90 different ones available for trade, categorized under either Stocks, Commodities, Indices or Currencies.

For even more flexibility, traders can choose between 4 different expiry times: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 24 hours. This is more personal preference than anything, as the payout rate remains the same for each expiry time. Of course, with 15 minute expiry times profits can be made faster, but options are more unstable during small timeframes so the risk is also higher.

Customer Service

For Banc de Binary, providing quality support through their customer service is taken very seriously. Their support staff speaks a host of different languages, such as: Spanish, German, Arabic and Japanese. Contacting them can be done by Phone, Live Chat and Email. It is even possible to schedule an appointment with someone from the support staff, meaning that you give them a time and your phone number, and they will call you whenever it suits you best.

The Good

Banc de Binary is a broker who offers high quality service in all departments. Their biggest strength is flexibility, as they allow traders to personalize their trading experience on the Bank de Binary platform. There are many different choices traders can make to make for a truly distinct style of trading that will suit everyone’s needs.

The Bad

For novice traders Banc de Bynari might be too focused on traders who already have experience and who know what they are doing. Novice traders might become confused quickly by the many possibilities offered by Banc de Binary. Another factor that might be improved is the payout rate, which is on the lower end of the spectrum.

Banc de Binary Review Final Verdict

All in all, Banc de Binary is a leading binary option broker. It is not surprising that they are an established name around the globe with satisfied customers from all corners of the world. The services they offer are complete and of a high quality. Banc de Binary is definitely a broker to consider.

Banc de Binary review