Affordable Currency Rates Today

Exchange rates, or the value of one currency in terms of another, can be highly volatile, since they are impacted by a plethora of economic and political occurrences across the globe. Due to this, it is important for businessmen, traders, investors and travellers to stay in touch with the current exchange rates. Periods of economic slowdowns and political tension tend to exacerbate fluctuations in currency rates today.

Factors Influencing Currency Rates Today

The following factors have a great impact on currency rates today:

Inflation: If the rate of inflation in a country is lower than that in another country, demand for the former’s exports will rise. This, in turn, would create rising demand for that country’s currency, exerting upward pressure on its value.

Change in Competitiveness: Related to the inflation rate, this factor affects exchange rates considerably. Goods and services produced by a country can become more competitive in the global market as a result of an increase in lobar productivity. This increases the demand for these goods. A high volume of trade results in appreciation in the value of the country’s currency.

Higher Interest Rates: When the interest rates offered by banks or financial institutions of a particular country rise, depositing money in that country becomes a profitable investment option. This results in increased demand for the currency of that country.

Current Account Surplus: This factor is guided by the balance of trade of a country. When the value of the country’s exports exceeds the value of its imports, the inflow of foreign currency is higher than the outflow.

Value of Other Currencies: The strength or weakness of a currency can lead to a decline or rise in the value of another currency. For example, the weakening of the Euro led to the appreciation of the exchange rate of pound sterling between 1999 and 2001.

Currency rates today can fluctuate next week or next year to such an extent that it could make a massive difference to what you can afford – and where.

If you want your holiday money to go further, choosing the right country based on their currency rates could make all the difference. Exchange rates are influencing factors in whether you decide to invest in a property abroad, retire abroad, do business abroad, or of course, go on holiday.

Despite the fact currency rates can impact drastically on how much money you’ll have to spend on your hotel, excursions and dining out, it’s surprising how little the British public are clued up about foreign currency rates today. So much so, that a recent report found that British holidaymakers returned with £1.78bn of unspent foreign money in 2009.

Going on holiday seems to encourage a holiday mentality when it comes to foreign cash. It’s as if because some foreign currency doesn’t look like British money it’s somehow like Monopoly money. And if exchange rates need to be calculated, some holidaymakers simply give up. It’s easy to end up being clueless about how much money you are actually spending. The fact that about 71% of travellers return with a staggering amount of foreign currency represents a vast amount of money.

If you want your money to go further, you need to get clued up about the country you are visiting and their economy. Today, destinations such as Egypt, Jamaica and Dubai are at the top of the best travel destinations for Brits who want to take advantage of great currency rates today. On the other hand Bulgaria, Hungary and Thailand are the cheapest destinations when it comes to value, with a basket of holiday necessities costing significantly cheaper compared to the same goods in France.

Forex currency trading

The Forex currency trading involves the buying and selling of currency to make a profit. Somehow it requires you to make use of the very latest information and staying updated on the influencing factors like international politics and oil prices etc.

Forex markets in the global world open and close at different times and that allows you to benefit from the right timing of excesses according to your time. Easily you can pull in profits by carefully analyzing when the market is moving. You have to identify trades that are significantly lower than its opening and have the possibility of rallying a little later.

It’s no doubt Forex trading is one of the best attractive market place for currency exchange and is easily the largest financial arena on the planet.  To start Forex trading you need to learn how it really works, all about how the market move and about the currency rates today.

Forex currency rates can either be spot rate or forward rate. Spot exchange rate as the name suggests is the current exchange rate. Forward exchange rate is the exchange rate quoted and traded today with the delivery and payment for forward transactions happening on a specific future date.