24option Review

The broker 24option is fairly new on the binary options market. In this 24option review will be discussed the pros and cons of this broker established 2010 in London, England. Since their conception they have received largely positive feedback from their customers. The main things customers are satisfied with are the low minimum trade amounts and the individual customer service 24option provides. Another distinguishing element from this broker is their classical and elegant design which makes it simple to use. Because of this, 24option has grown to become one of the most beloved brokers with a great number of active traders.

24option Review24option Review

Trade platform of 24option – Review

The trading platform of 24option is easy to use thanks to its minimalistic design. A reason for its present popularity is due the fact that the platform is available in a host of different languages, like German, French, and Russian or Arabic dialects. This multilingual approach ensures that 24option is accessible for almost everybody in the whole world. To make it even better, the trading platform is very user-friendly. It simplifies trading down to its core, making it a useful tool for novice traders. 24option also provides expert advice to help traders make decisions that will result in profit. The broker has even created videos to explain to new traders how to get started. Because of this, 24option reviews are usually positive.

The trading platform of 24option is also available as an App for smartphones. So it’s possible to trade and make money while on the road.

24option Review – How to start trading

In order to get started with the trading platform of 24option, an account needs to be created. This entails filling out personal details and making a deposit of at least 250$. When an account is opened, it is possible to start trading with the deposit immediately. Because the minimum investment on a binary option on the trading platform of 24option is only as low as 24$, it is possible to make a number of 10 trades with just the deposit. If done correctly, it might not be necessary to make another deposit. The initial deposit can be used to build a large amount of funds over time. Because binary option trading is a fast way to make profits, it doesn’t have to take long before profits are steadily being generated.

Payout rates

A point many 24option review agree upon, is that this broker has one of the best payout rates known today. With a whopping 85% payout on every successful trade profits can be generated in no time at all. This can even be increased to 89% when a trader signs up for the special VIP program. And what makes 24option stand out from most other brokers, is the fact that even when a trade is unsuccessful, 15% of the investment will still be returned. With other brokers nothing is reimbursed in this scenario. This is a feature widely praised in many 24option review s, and can’t be overlooked in this review. 24option is definitely a reliable and profitable broker to start trading with.

Available assets

One of the most important factors when considering what broker to choose, is of course the assets that can be traded with. When 24option is chosen there can be traded in all major assets: forex, indices, commodities and stocks. This is important because more options mean more chance to achieve big profits. Every assets can be traded with a Call/Put option or with One-Touch. The versatility of the platform makes it very attractive for both amateurs and professionals.

Customer Service

The service 24option delivers to its customers is topnotch. Every hour of every day the broker can be contacted through phone, email or the chat function on the website. All queries or problems will be handled with care and personal attention. 24option clearly wants to give all their customers a smooth and reliable trading platform.

A big plus for newcomers is the possibility to create a demo-account. This means the trading platform of 24option can be tested for free with fake money. This is perfect for those who have never traded binary options before and are interested in 24option but who want to experience how it all works before opening an account and making a deposit.

24Option Review – Positives

Even though 24option is a new broker on the market, they have already made a name for themselves thanks to their streamlined and easy to work with trading platform. They also have one of the highest payout rates among all brokers, which means that profits can be made faster. Their customer service is also very solid and attentive, which makes for a pleasant experience overall. And thanks to their mobile App it is even possible to trade binary options while on the road.

24Option Review – Negatives

One major problem many users of 24option have discovered is that fact that withdrawing multiple times per month will cost money. So it is only recommended to only withdraw once per month. For new users the amount of assets might seem overwhelming at first, though thanks to the instructive videos the broker provides this should not be a big problem. And in order to make use of the demo version it is required to pay a small amount, which is a turn off for many people who think about trading with 24option.

24Option Review – Final verdict

In short, 24option is a reliable broker who can ensure anyone a lot of profits thanks to their high payout rates. Novice traders have many features available to them with which they can learn how to make effective use of the trading platform. And for traders who make more use of their mobile phone instead of a laptop, the mobile App of 24option is definitely a welcome addition. As this 24option review shows, this is a broker who can help everybody achieve high profits in a user-friendly environment.

24option Review24option Review