10Trade review

The broker 10Trade is one of the newest players on the binary options market. Launched in 2014, 10Trade promotes a user friendly platform on a stable and fully regulated system. They are licensed with CySEC, which ensures that traders can feel absolutely safe when they’ve signed up with 10Trade. But, because 10Trade is still so new, there is as of yet little information to be found about this broker. This 10Trade review is meant as full disclosure, providing every piece of information that is necessary to decide whether this is a good broker or not.

10Trade review10trade offers

Trading Platform

The first thing that should be taken notice of, is the unambiguous trading platform 10Trade provides. It could not be more clear how to use the platform. Intuitive and user friendly, 10Trade ensures that new and professional traders alike can trade in a comprehensible manner to their hearts content. All the well known features are available plus a number of innovative features. This is a great advantage of 10 Trade, as the available number of features exceeds what is offered by other brokers. Next to the classic features such as 60 Second and One Touch options there are also Ladder Options and Trader’s Choice. This gives traders a whole slew of possibilities, as they are enabled to try different and varied trading strategies.

10Trade is accessible across the world, as their trading platform is translated in 12 languages. Another advantage 10 Trade offers is the inclusion of a lot of educational material. They offer instructional eBooks, videos and webinars. Even professional one-on-one training lessons can be requested from trading specialists. This definitely makes 10 Trade a valuable choice for new traders who wish to learn and become experienced in the world of binary options trading.

Start Trading with 10Trade

In order to gain access to 10Trade’s user friendly trading platform, an account needs to be created. This can be done by filling out all the necessary personal information. When the account is created a minimum deposit of 200 EUR / USD should be made before trading can start. Deposits can be made with a number of different payment methods, including Credit Card, Wire Transfer and NETELLER. When the deposit is made, trading can commence immediately.


An important factor to consider when deciding whether to open an account with a specific broker, is the payout they offer. The broker 10 Trade offers a pretty stable payout of 81%. This might not seem as high as is offered by other brokers, but it is still very high and should definitely not be dismissed. With a payout of 81% every trader should be able to earn a lot of money, even more so on the user friendly platform and highly effective platform offered by 10 Trade.

In addition, the multiple tools for education will allow traders to fully understand market signals. Proper analyses can be made, resulting in a majority of profitable trades. Other brokers do not offer such an extensive educational program, meaning that 10 Trade gives its traders an edge.

Assets portfolio

The number of assets a broker has in its portfolio is another very important factor when looking into all the different brokers available. 10Trade offers its traders one of the richest portfolios, totaling around 200 assets to choose from. This makes for a heavily varied trading experience, which is very positive. Even niche trades and investments can be made through the user friendly trading platform of 10 Trade, such as investments in Cryptocurrencies. Not many brokers offer this possibility to their traders, making 10Trade, in a way, a pioneer. Of course also all the more well known assets can be traded, which are divided in 4 different types: stocks, currencies, commodities and indices.

Clearly, traders have a large amount of choices available to them on the trading platform of 10 Trade, ensuring a varied trading experience. Together with many different trading methods, it is not easy to become bored on the trading platform of 10Trade. It is very dynamic and innovative.

Customer Service

As was mentioned earlier, the trading platform of 10 Trade is translated into 12 different languages. It should not come as a surprise that their customer service is available in the same number of languages as well. This further enhances the reliability 10Trade offers to its clients. The customer service is available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, and can be reached by Phone, Email and Live Chat. 10 Trade truly sets the bar for professional support and availability. Because of this, a lot of traders are making a change and sign up with 10Trade, in order to take advantage of their good services.

What’s Good

10Trade definitely has a very reliable trading platform which comes included with a large number of features and extras. New traders have many educational possibilities at their disposal, even one-on-one training is provided by 10Trade. Other than that 10 Trade has a huge portfolio of assets to trade with, which can be navigated through with great ease thanks to the user friendly platform they use. All of this is completely safe and protected, thanks to the regulation by CySEC.

What’s Bad

One factor that might result in traders holding 10Trade in a negative light, is the fact that there is still very little information available about this broker. There are few 10Trade reviews, and some extensive lists of available brokers do not even include 10Trade. For outsiders this might come off as shady, even though this description hardly described the services 10Trade offers. It is possible that the general absence of 10 Trade online might be attributed to their newness. In time this broker will definitely garner more attention, as they offer very good and reliable services.

10Trade review Final Verdict

Overall, 10 Trade is a proper broker who offers a full-service package to traders of binary option. Their platform is user friendly and comes with many features and extras. New traders have the possibility to learn and become better educated about online trading, making 10Trade a good choice for both newcomers and professionals. 10Trade might be a new broker, but with their high quality services they definitely have a chance to become one of the most popular brokers.

10Trade review10trade offers